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What's that ruckus comin' through the night?
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Anyone here ever visit MindlessSelfIndulgence.org before? I was… 
30th-Jul-2008 02:53 pm
Anyone here ever visit MindlessSelfIndulgence.org before? I was looking for the Self Titled album last week and I came across it. It looks like they have ANOTHER Self Titled album available this week. Dude.
30th-Jul-2008 07:21 pm (UTC)
it's not "they" -- mindlessselfindulgence.org is an ebay filter where the owner of the site is making bank from pointing people to msi auctions that other people are listing. making money off the bands name when they never see a cent...awesomeeeeeee.
30th-Jul-2008 08:48 pm (UTC)
Yikes. Does that mean it's taking money away from the band, or is it getting some kind of ride on the sales fans make? Or, something else entirely? I noticed the download section links to Amazon and it seems the tickets go directly to TicketMaster listings, so it seems like the band could make money there?? I could be wrong.
30th-Jul-2008 07:32 pm (UTC)
i was gonna say, this pretty much looks like everything i've seen on ebay like, right now so why not just go through that?

the place looks a bit sketchy to be fair :/
8th-Aug-2008 07:42 pm (UTC)
Agreed... :/
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