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What's that ruckus comin' through the night?

We've been denied all the best ultra sex

MSI Fans
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Dicks are for my friends
Mindless Self Indulgence

1. IT'S BEHIND YOU! - Before you make a post asking about an appearance, show, or song make sure it hasn't already been posted.
2. HAHAHAHA PLONK! - There is nothing wrong with a quick spell check and then we won't mock you for your spelling mistakes.
3. CUT IT OUT! - Put photos/videos etc... behind an LJ-cut.
4. 100 x 100 love - No, thanks. Head on over to msigraphics. Fan picture and shit like that are still allowed but icons, headers and journal shit isn't.
5. SNARK - Keep it clean, no racist comments. Hormones are for Emos.
6. RUMOURS - Post away, but if it's really stupid we will call you on it.
7. EBAY/ADVERTS - NO! Your post will be deleted as will you. Other MSI community adverts are allowed in moderation. I get to decide what that is.
8. Mp3 - Not allowed, no requests for them either. Apparently this place is watched by the MSI management - LOLS!!! Why the fuck are you watching this shitty little community? We're just a bunch of cool kids losers.
9. TICKETS - Got spare? Want to give them to us? Post away. Tickets are the only exception to the advert rule.
10. I'M SPECIAL - Posts are now locked automatically. If you want to be cool too, you have to join.

If you have any questions
Got troll issues? Want to help? Leave me a comment here.
Stalk the moderator through mcrcondoms.

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